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Paolo Bellomia.jpg

Paolo Bellomia,
Chef d'orchestre

"I have seen Madame Lussier at work as a conductor in many styles and circumstances and I have nothing but good things to say about her performances.


Véronique demonstrates a very high degree of excellence and is gifted with remarkable professionalism. His daring research project (Ambassador Project) has had a great impact on the influence and democratization of classical music in terms of audience development.


She is an excellent musician and

a hard worker. "


Jean-François Rivest,

"Tireless and totally dedicated worker, musical, intelligent and original. In addition to her musical talent as a performer and researcher, she has several unique human skills: she is a very positive and super-organized person, she has real teaching talent , great generosity, and above all, she has the ability to rally people around her, to give them the desire to surpass themselves and participate in a greater cause. Her qualities are very rare!


She plannedand literally brought several projects into the world concerts that had a great impact on the community...


Everyone is unanimous: she has a

sense of leadership, an ability to bring together and

to channel the energies of all unusual people. 

Véronique is a remarkable musician

and a very gifted conductor. "


Tim Brady
Producer Bradyworks

"In all circumstances, I note the impeccable professionalism of Ms. Lussier. Her preparation and understanding of music are very thorough, and reflect the many hours of study and detailed analysis. In working with the musicians, she finds the the ideal balance between the demand for musical quality in interpretation, and a recognition of the human limits of performers.

His leadership pushes artists to give their best, but always with technical and personal support. Technically, her beat is clear, and she demonstrates great generosity regarding the needs of musicians. She knows rigorously how to plan a rehearsal to maximize results, and she always creates a respectful work environment for all stakeholders – composers, musicians, technicians, and members of the public. She is an ideal collaborator for any ensemble, choir or orchestra."


Catherine Fournier
Mayor of Longueuil

"My most sincere congratulations for your remarkable involvement as head of the OSDL Ambassador Project "Under the bell towers". This initiative allowing the democratization and bringing classical music closer to the citizen, carried out with all the splendor worthy of this art, as well as your dedication sincere for your community are admirable.


Your inspiring leadership within a world of masters paves the way for other women who in turn will participate in shaping a world that resembles them."

Ombres des arbres sur le mur

Philippe Brunet
President Classica Festival

"Madame Lussier has been a conductor who has been a regular guest for several years during the summer programming of the Classica Festival. What I particularly like about Madame Lussier is the contagious energy and dynamism that she exudes from the artists on stage.

Madame Lussier has more than adequate academic training and very advanced musical knowledge.


She demonstrates impeccable professionalism and communicates her passion and love of music well, both with the musicians and the public."

Gilles Choquet.jfif

Gilles Choquet
DG OSDL 2009-2018

“Ms. Lussier's approach within the framework of the Ambassador Project went further than the simple democratization of classical music. She managed to create a special atmosphere so that the audience truly became  a stakeholder in the concert.


I am happy to be able to testify to the qualities she demonstrated in the organization, development, leadership and financing of this project.


It was a pleasure for me to accompany him in the creation

of this project."


Donat Serres,
Mayor La Prairie 2014-2021

Véronique demonstrates unifying leadership and a great sense of entrepreneurship by setting up these special events to promote culture in the MRC Roussillon community and its surrounding areas. I am proud to encourage a determined citizen conductor who is deeply convinced of the beneficial impact of music.  She contributes to the enrichment of her community and the development of music  classic to a large intergenerational audience.

His concerts in La Prairie were a success and allowed visibility of the historic sector of the city with an audience from several surrounding municipalities. In addition, they have had an impact on the economic level with the partnership of various businesses in the region. 

Charles Boyer.jpg

Charles Boyer, OSM donations coordinator

Véronique demonstrates great professionalism in all aspects of her work, she is a good ambassador of our values.


She is also an exemplary teammate for her colleagues, providing them with support and knowledge that goes beyond their needs."

"One of the most remarkable aspects of Véronique is her passion which gives her spontaneous ease in establishing sincere, warm and personalized contact."

Ombres des arbres sur le mur
Ombres des arbres sur le mur


“Véronique Lussier’s concerts are a delight for the ears and the Spirit.. Your passion is palpable."

"What fabulous playing - really beautiful!


"WOW! What a beautiful afternoon thanks to you and your magnificent musicians, I still have chills. What a talent and looking forward to hearing the next one.”



"Thank you for this magnificent concert! We feel that you were born to conduct. I do not regret having brought my children and my grandchildren."

“Thank you for this magnificent concert. I enjoyed the music, the staging, the historic location, but above all the performance you gave. The public reacted with passion, with these standing ovations. On several occasions, I was deeply moved."

Gouttes d'eau


"Well done! Everything was there, but especially your presence at the podium and your very personal way of gently and gracefully directing your musicians! You are very expressive and you “live” your music! The future is yours! ."

“A real pleasure to hear and see you at work, congratulations!”

Lumière bleue


“Magical and fabulous moments, congratulations!” 


"When you look at the soloist, we have the impression that you are saying to us, 'Listen to how good our soloist is.' What a wonderful bond with your musicians and your soloist."



“I was totally carried away by the music, the emotions were there! “ 

“Congratulations once again on this magnificent concert. On all counts, you have succeeded. I particularly appreciate your musical “body language” as well as the non-abusive use of your left hand. It's a glorious gesture to bring him back to your chest.

A promising conductor! "

Fenêtre à cadre en bois


“It was a very beautiful concert, we were really impressed by all the great energy displayed for this event.” 

“I am a musician, I am able to appreciate the quality and excellence of your work.”



“Excellent concert!

A beautiful orchestra, very well conducted, in a wonderful place! How wonderful it is when beauty reveals itself to the ear!”

“Impressed to see a female conductor, her journey and her determination. Bravo!”

Lumière et ombre


“Congratulations for this concert of exceptional quality. You are admirable!”


“Thank you for such a poetic performance! It was a superb concert.


A chance for my daughters to have been able to witness so much beauty. You look so confident!!!”


I have the greatest respect for each musician who brings their instrument to life in tune with their colleagues. This is a determining criterion for optimal teamwork in achieving a high level of artistic excellence.


The music is powerful. It has the power to act on the soul like a balm, It brings significant events back to life. It touches us, soothes, energizes. I want to find every possible angle to arouse, bring out emotions in people.

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