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“Music is the key part of education,

for rhythm and harmony are particularly suited to penetrate the soul” – Plato

Véronique has more than ten years of experience in musical teaching in schools. As a conductor, her youth concerts and conferences for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (OSM) as well as the University of Montreal (UdeM) give her a deep conviction in the multidimensional and beneficial scope of music.

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Before her studies in orchestral conducting (UdeM Doctorate) and choral conducting (USherb Masters), Véronique had a Baccalaureate and a 2nd cycle program in Musical Pedagogy. She taught harmony groups and led a collective piano concentration which brought together all her students from secondary 1 to 5 for choir. 

"The interest that you demonstrate, through your commitment, allows large-scale projects to be realized and contributes to promoting a positive image of our beautiful youth. The concert was an undeniable success. A large part of this success is attributable to to the quality of the choir that you managed brilliantly."

A. Byette, General Director CSMV

"I would like to highlight Véronique's commitment, passion and great involvement. She knows how to transmit her values. The students' recognition of their teacher impressed me. Their performance was sublime and everyone was charmed. The qualities of director and choir director are obvious. The most important thing is that the young people are "contaminated" by the passion that inhabits their teacher."

Mr. Jobin, CSMV Educational Advisor

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